Any advice for getting rid of Facebook? Or for avoiding tangential people who message you too often? And are more than a little distressing? But for family politics / fear reasons, you can’t just block them?

Really though. I only know 2 terrifying facts about this man. He messages more often than anyone else, even though I’ve never replied to anything.

I think you could just erase your profile. Make sure to have enough contact info of the people you want to keep contact with. If you ever want to re-open one again you could do so with a fake-ish name and with a privacy level that wont allow anyone to see you or find you unless you friend them first. 


Island fashion at a bus stop in Mallorca #themegaroadtripof2014

Whatever - Sulliman Bodhy


Fleur/ Revista - Agostina Lotierzo

I wanted to celebrate this beautiful woman I saw in Culver CIty

NDG Arts Week - Nik Brovkin

たまねぎ剣士Onion Knight(Big Black & White version)
This one is inspired by the powerful drawings of Angie Wang (and the last CR Fashion Book Issue)